We all love Greek food, so here are some of my favourite dishes! Many of these have been featured in the show and the recipes are created by none other than my good friend and chef on Mia Zoi – Kyriako!

Petimezopita from Paros

A traditional recipe from Paros for an easy, fasting, sweet cake without sugar. Featured in Series 6 Episode 6.

Greek Fava from Schinoussa

A delicious traditional fava dish (yellow split peas puree) straight from the island of Schinoussa. Featured in Series 6 Episode 4.


Greek beef stew that originates from the island of Naxos. Featured in Series 6 Episode 1.

Kytherian Paximadia

Delicious wheat rusks that are made across Greece. In Kythera they use olive oil. Featured in Series 5 Episode 11.

Ryzogalo – Rice Pudding

Quick to make with simple ingredients. It’s light and full of flavor. Featured in Series 5 Episode 13.

Melitzanosalata – Eggplant Dip

A classic appetizer served aside pita bread, toasted bread, or as part of an array of meze. From Series 5 Episode 8.

Goat Fricassee with stamnagkathi

A delicious dish with goat’s meat, Cretan stamnagkathi and  avgolemono sauce (egg-lemon sauce). In Series 5 Episode 4.

Cretan Dakos

Dakos is the epitome of Greek summer and we featured it in Series 5 Episode 2.

Kastellorizian Halva

A tasty sweet as seen in Series 4 Episode 8. This is a very simple recipe with minimal ingredients and cooking time.

Greek Breakfast: Varvara

This is a healthy, traditional meal that was eaten in ancient Greece, as seen in Series 4 Episode 1

Christmas Recipe: Melomakarona

Μelomakarona, along with the kourabiedes, is the traditional Greek Christmas treat. 

Keftédes with Horta

Greek meatballs served with wild greens, as seen in series 3 episode 7.

Honey Glazed Goat Leg

Despite its simplicity, this recipe from series 3 episode 6, is to die for!

Gemista – Stuffed Tomatoes & Peppers

Featured in series 3 episode 4, this is a traditional Greek recipe that’s full of favour.

The Kyriako Bar!

In order to keep my energy levels up chef Kyriako created a healthy, long-lasting and delicious snack we can carry in our backpacks and munch on as we go.

A Taste of Greece: Moussaka

Cooked with Chef George Tselementes, grandson of Nikolaos Tselementes – the great cooking teacher and writer from Sifnos. Episode here!


A typical sweet of Chios that the locals would traditionally make for weddings, engagements and other festive occasions. Watch the episode now!


Sarmadakia or Dolmadakia are tiny handmade stuffed vine leaves that you can find in many variations all over Greece. Seen in this episode.

Fakes (Lentil Soup)

Fakes is a healthy soup that’s packed with flavour, made from lentils grown in Lefkada, as seen in series 1 episode 11.

Meat Pie

In Kefalonia, they use a mix of meats – goat, pork and beef – as well as some Greek cheese. We filmed this is series 1 episode 10!

Bamies: Okra with tomato sauce & chicken drumsticks 

A favourite dish of mine that brings back special memories. My mum use to make this and every time I taste it I think of her. Featured in series 1 episode 7.

Aginares Me Araka: Peas & Artichoke Stew

This easy to prepare meal is a favourite on cool nights, when a warm, full flavoured dish is just what you need to warm up. Series 1 episode 4.

How to Make Portokalopita

This classic Greek sweet, made using oranges and filo pastry as major ingredients, is a favourite for not only me, but the crew of Mia Zoi as well. As seen in series 1 episode 5.