Melitzanosalata – Eggplant Dip

Any eggplant lovers out there? Melitzanosalata is a classic Greek appetizer made with roasted, smoky eggplants. It is served aside pita bread, toasted bread, or as part of an array of meze. We’ve all seen it on the restaurant menus, now it’s time to make it! As seen in Series 5 Episode 8.


  • 5 Large eggplants (try picking those with less seeds)
  • 2 Bell peppers of any colour (red, yellow, orange)
  • 6 Clove(s) of garlic
  • 3-4 Spring onions
  • 50ml apple cider vinegar 
  • 100ml Olive oil
  • A handful of parsley 

To give the eggplants a smoky flavor place them directly over the flame on a gas stove using high heat or on a grill and cook for about 30’, turning them until they are charred on all sides evenly. If you don’t have an oven, simply place them in the oven set to grill for about 30’ at 180* C.

Pierce with a fork. If they have softened, they are ready. Set them aside for 10’ to cool.

Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and transfer to a bowl for about 2 h to drain.

Prepare the peppers in the same way as the eggplants. Cook for 10-15’. 

Use a knife to remove the skin from the peppers and chop the flesh.

Cut the garlic in thin slices, the fresh onions in thin slices (not the stem), and the parsley.

Roughly chop the eggplant and mix together with the peppers and the rest of the ingredients. Add the liquids from the drained aubergines.

Add the apple cider vinegar and the olive oil and season to taste.

Refrigerate to chill.

The longer you allow the dip to sit, the more the ingredients will blend and the tastier it will be.