Maneas WaveMy Greek Odyssey is a landmark Television series that takes viewers to some of the most spectacular and unique islands in Greece. But don’t go thinking it’s just another travel show – This is far from the ordinary!

My Greek Odyssey is centred around the charismatic and larger-than-life character of Peter Maneas. His story is a rags to riches tale, having been born to Greek migrants that settled in Australia over 50 years ago with nothing but their suitcases. From these humble beginnings, Peter has built himself a highly successful business and is now the proud owner of a superyacht called “Mia Zoi” (One Life). Peter’s philosophy is ‘We only live once, so get the most out of your life, no matter what!’ His passion for adventure and excitement is matched by the desire he has to share his experiences with others, from family and friends, to the viewing audience.

In this exciting program Peter will cruise in his yacht throughout the Greek Islands, focusing on places that rarely get a mention in mainstream media and exploring the rich history, culture, cuisine and unique people he meets along the way. My Greek Odyssey will entertain, educate and inspire viewers to make the Greek Islands their next holiday destination!

Series One

Series one takes us on an exploration of the Saronic and Ionian Islands, including Hydra, Spetses, Corfu, Zakynthos and Kythira. It’s a journey that shows viewers some of the most exciting and colourful destinations in the Mediterranean, as well as little-known gems that most people have never heard of.

Episode 1 – Athens and Greek Easter

Episode 2 – Epidaurus/Moni/Spetses

Episode 3 – Spetses/Hydra

Episode 4 – Hydra/Dokos

Episode 5 – Nafplion/Monemvasia

Episode 6 – Monemvasia/Elafonisos/Kythira

Episode 7 – Kythira

Episode 8 – Kythira/Antikythira

Episode 9 – Zakynthos

Episode 10 – Kefalonia

Episode 11 – Ithaki/Lefkada

Episode 12 – Lefkada/Skorpios

Episode 13 – Paxos/Corfu

Series Two

Continuing Peter’s Goal of stepping foot on all 227 inhabited Greek islands, Series Two of My Greek Odyssey takes us into the Northern Aegean and Western Cycladic, from the centre of the Eastern Orthodox faith in Mt Athos, to the islands of Thassos in the north, through the heart of the Aegean and along the eastern edge of the Greek islands. The journey takes us close to the coast of Turkey and shows viewers a diverse mix of destinations, some frequently explored, others that few ever take the time to visit.

Episode 1 – Thassos

Episode 2 – Mt Athos/Samothrace

Episode 3 – Samothrace/Limnos

Episode 4 – Limnos (Side trip to Agios Efstratios)

Episode 5 – Lesbos

Episode 6 – Lesbos/Psara/Chios

Episode 7 – Chios/Innousses

Episode 8 – Syros

Episode 9 – Kythnos

Episode 10 – Serifos

Episode 11 – Sifnos

Episode 12 – Milos

Series 3

This series of My Greek Odyssey sees Peter steering his beautiful boat, Mia Zoi, further to the east and into the Dodecanese. The name might have you thinking there’s only twelve islands here, but in actual fact there’s over 160 of them, with 26 being inhabited. The journey will see us stepping on as many of the Dodecanese as we can, from Agathonisi in the north, to Kasos in the south, which means it’s going to be a busy few months at sea. But hey, where else would you rather be!

Episode 1 – Astypalia/Pserimos

Episode 2 – Kalymnos

Episode 3 – Telendos/Leros

Episode 4 – Macronisia/Lipsi

Episode 5 – Patmos

Episode 6 – Fournoi/Ikaria

Episode 7 – Ikaria

Episode 8 – Samos

Series 4 of My Greek Odyssey sees host Peter Maneas visiting the southern islands of the Dodecanese. From Kos to Symi and Rhodes, down to Kastellorizo – it’s a region with culture and landscapes unlike other parts of Greece.

Episode 1- Kos

In episode 1 we arrive in Kos. It’s the third largest island in the Dodecanese, and the second most populous. So apart from there being plenty of landmass to explore, there’s also loads of interesting people to chat to along the way.

Episode 2 – Nysiros

In this episode, Peter is making his way to Nisyros. Despite being known for its volcanic heart and quaint towns, it doesn’t have the infrastructure and resorts that draw in the masses. So that means things move just a touch slower.

Episode 3 – Tilos and Symi

This episode takes us to the tiny island of Tilos. It’s one of those off the beaten path destinations that remains relatively untouched by tourism. From there, it’s off to the picture perfect island of Symi.

Episode 4 – Symi and Alimia

Join Peter and he continues his time on Symi. He’d already spent a couple of days here, but with so much to see and do, he decided to stay the week. Peter is also going to visit one of the smaller nearby islands, Alimia, abandoned for just on 50 years. This little gem has some great stories that have sat under the radar for way too long!

Episode 5 – Chalki and Karpathos

Episode five sees Peter making his way to Chalki. It’s another one of those beautiful islands that most folks have never heard of. It’s a place of contrasts. The seafront in the port area is alive with people and energy, but the interior of the island is a barren landscape with very few inhabitants. From Chalki we’re then heading to Karpathos, where Peter will be experiencing its unique culture, in more ways than one.

Episode 6 – Karpathos and Kasos

In the last episode, Peter started his time on Karpathos. He had never been to this huge Island, so naturally, was keen to see as much as he could. This episode picks up where Peter left off, with a couple more days to explore the place, before heading south to another island he’d never visited – Kasos. So prepare to see Peter a little more excited than normal!?

Episode 7 – Rhodes

In this episode we’ve arrived on the Island of the Knights, Rhodes. It’s one of the most well known destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a place that constantly amazes, with grand architecture, dramatic history and even more spectacular landscapes. Peter’s going to show you all the major sites, but also some of the unique experiences, that locals have kept to themselves.

Episode 8 – Kastellorizo

In the final episode of the series, Peter is leaving the largest island in the group, Rhodes, and heading east to one of the smallest, Kastellorizo. It’s in the farthest corner of Greece, sitting just off the coast of Turkey. We’ll actually be popping across to the Turkish mainland while there, to show you a great little fishing town. We will also break up the long journey with a visit to a tiny island that just couldn’t be left out.

Series 5 Synopsis – So far on My Greek Odyssey, we’ve taken viewers from Athens, through the Saronic, Ionian, Dodecanese, Western Cycladic and Northern Aegean Islands. It’s been a spectacular journey to some of the most remote corners of Greece. In series five, join host Peter Maneas aboard his beautiful boat Mia Zoi, as he explores the southern and central Cycladic. From the little-known islands like Anafi and Donousa, to the well-known, including Santorini and Crete. This is a culturally diverse part of the country with dramatic landscapes, rich history and wonderful people to match. Peter will be going from the mountaintops to the seafloor, as he delves deep into the story of the islands to unearth what makes them so special.

Episode 1: Crete/Chania

Series five will launch with an in-depth exploration of the largest and most populated island in Greece, Crete, as well as several of the many isles that surround its coastline. In the first episode Peter will be in the west of Crete, spending his time both above and below the water as he discovers some of the most beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and tackles one of the many amazing hikes on the island. But first, he’s visiting a city he’s been coming to for many years, Chania.

Episode 2: Crete/West Coast

Last episode saw Peter arriving on Crete, where he’ll be spending several weeks circumnavigating the island by land and sea. So far he’s explored Chania and a few highlights in the south-west. This time around he’ll be heading into the mountains, getting an education on the geological history of Crete, as well as hiking through the massive Samaria Gorge. Plus, Peter will be making his way to a couple of spectacular nearby islands, that surprisingly, few people visit.

Episode 3: Crete/Matala to East Coast 

In this episode Peter continues his time in Crete. Showing you the caves of Matala, made famous by the hippies of the 60’s. He’ll also be heading to some of Crete’s famous seaside cliffs in search of the bearded vulture. Here he bumps into a local shepherd and learns a bit about life in these wild mountains. From there Peter will be visiting some of the prettiest unknown islands that surround Crete and the beautiful palm grove of Vai, before finally arriving in Agio Nicholao.

Episode 4: Crete/East Coast

In this episode Peter will be spending a couple days exploring Agios Nicholaos and the region around it. He’ll be meeting with famed author Victoria Hislop and visiting the island of Spinalonga, the place where her best-selling book ‘The Island’ is centred on. Peter is also going to get a first-hand education about Crete’s agricultural history, and of course, Kyriako will be sharing one of his favourite local recipes. And to top things off, Peter is headed to a Cretan barbecue.

Episode 5: Crete/Heraklion 

In this episode Peter is heading to Heraklion, where he’ll be exploring the urban expanse and checking out the major landmarks that every tourist should see. He’ll also be making his way to Knossos, the ancient palace where the story of the Minoan people was unearthed. There Peter will be getting an in-depth education about this once flourishing civilisation, that thrived for hundreds of years. We’re also going to visit a winery, employing old-world techniques to create unique wines with the flavours of Crete.

Episode 6: Crete/Rethymno 

In this episode Peter is exploring one of Crete’s prettiest cities, Rethymno. From its Venetian fortifications and mix of architecture, to the awesome food and countless artisans practicing their craft in the beautiful medieval town, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a favourite with tourists. This is an old-world city, full of fascinating stories and wonderful characters.

These are Peter’s final days on Crete, which means there’s a lot to see and do before he’s back with the crew aboard Mia Zoi.

Episode 7: Santorini

In this episode Peter is headed to what’s possibly the most well-known island in the Mediterranean, Santorini. It’s a destination that every visitor coming to Greece wants to see, and his plan is to show you not only the cliched side of the island, but also the stuff that a lot of people never explore. It’s a place of contrasts, where the young and in love come to bask in the beauty, while the inquisitive holidaymakers delve into the history and culture. Here, there’s something for everyone, which is why it’s such a popular destination.

Episode: 8 Santorini to Thirasia

Last time we visited one of the most popular islands in Greece, Santorini. And one episode just wasn’t enough, so we’re picking up where we left off. Peter will be exploring more of the fascinating geology, and Kyriako is going to cook up an awesome snack using aubergines. Then it’s off to check out some of the island’s ancient history, before delving into one of its more modern attractions, local wine. From there, Peter will finish his time here with a visit to the nearby island, of Therasia.

Episode 9: Thirasia to Anafi

In this episode Peter is finishing up his time on Santorini’s neighbouring island, Therassia and heading east to the island of Anafi. Being in the far south-eastern corner of Greece, it’s a place that few tourists get to. This isn’t an island you visit if you want luxury hotels, shopping and restaurants. As we’ll show you, Anafi is a destination for the type of traveller that wants to get away from the masses and have some downtime. You come here to embrace the slow pace of life and interact with locals that are amongst the most welcoming people you’ll come across.

Episode 10: Amorgos

This episode of My Greek Odyssey will see Peter visiting three islands, each with their own unique stories. It all begins on Amorgos, a mountainous landmass that despite its pretty scenery, numerous beaches and quaint villages, is yet to have been overwhelmed by the  forces of mass tourism. Of particular note is a spectacular monastery, unlike any other place of worship you’ll see. Peter will also be visiting the remote and sparsely inhabited islands of Levitha and Kinaros, where life is a complete contrast to that of the populous neighbouring landmasses.

Episode 11: Amorogs to Ios

This episode sees Peter returning to Amorgos, after spending a couple days exploring some of the nearby islands. He’s going to be visiting some of the best local eateries, spending plenty of time checking out the beaches, as well as digging a little deeper into the island’s history. Plus, Kyriako is going to reveal his famous paximadia recipe. From there, Peter is headed west to Ios, to begin telling the story of an island that’s known as a party place, but has so much more to it.

Episode 12: Ios to Sikinos

Last time Peter started exploring the island of Ios, and with so much to see and do, it’s only natural that he’s spending another few days here. This episode sees Peter going from the sea to the summit, as he visits ancient ruins from as far back as the bronze age, as well as visiting a traditional, family owned cheesery, that’s been in operation for several generations. From Ios, he’s then headed to Sikinos, an island that not many tourists know about, but once you see the place, you’ll be adding it to your list of must-see destinations.

Episode 13: Sikinos to Folegandros

In the final episode of the series, Peter will be finishing his time on Sikinos, an island few tourists have heard of. The last stop is a visit to one of the most remarkable monasteries in the Aegean, before upping anchor and heading west to Folegandros. It’s a bit like a smaller, quieter version of Santorini, with epic sunsets, beautiful architecture and more remote parts of the island that your average traveller never explores. We’ve saved some of the best bits of Greece for last, and can’t wait to show you!

My Greek Odyssey is produced by Australian production company, The Rusty Cage.