Thasos – The Green Island

Sitting way up in the North Aegean, just 10 kilometers off the mainland, lies Greece’s 12th largest island, Thasos. It’s a heavily forested and mountainous landmass, often referred to as one of Greece’s greenest islands, and is known for its marble quarries and burgeoning tourism sector. They also produce fantastic honey, some of the best olives you’ll find, as well as almonds and walnuts. Across the island live around 15,000 people, with the biggest settlements being Thasos township, Limenaria, Potamia and Prinos.

For visitors, the first stop should be the ancient Agora and nearby Archaeological Museum of Thasos. Here you’ll learn all about the island’s rich ancient history in an atmosphere that brings it to life in the most engaging way imaginable. A highlight at the museum is a mighty kouros that towers above as you walk through the wide hall. You should also take a stroll through the archaeological site of Alyki and the ancient theatre on the hill in Limenas.

Aside from the old-world charms, there are also plenty of natural wonders to delight the active traveller. The hiking in the heart of Thasos is challenging, but highly rewarding. Trails take you to amazing vantage points, rainforest streams and tiny villages where time has seemingly stood still for centuries. There are also numerous beaches, including the more popular Golden, Paradise, Alyki and Metalia Beaches. For those that like peaceful settings away from the crowds, head to the smaller beaches of Kalamaki or Thymonias. Another of the must-see natural wonders is Giola Lagoon. It’s an instagrammers paradise!

To summarise Thasos, it’s best described as an idyllic, family holiday destination that fuses historic landmarks with lush landscapes in a welcoming setting. The locals are friendly, the scenery stunning and complete the picture, the food is fantastic.

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