Honey Glazed Goat Leg

Despite its simplicity, this recipe from series 3 episode 6, prepared by Chef Kyriako, is to die for! All you need is the meat, some rosemary and salt, one onion, two oranges and some honey. The leg is a tender part of the meat as it is close to the bone, and the small pieces make nice portions to serve individually.


4 small goat legs

2 oranges

4 tablespoons of honey (one for each goat leg)

1 onion




Salt the goat legs and place in a baking pan with the rosemary. Cover the pan and bake for 2 hours at 200 *C Fan.

Take out of the oven and pour the juice of the 2 oranges and the honey.

Put it back in the oven covered for 30’ and then bake for another 30’ uncovered so that it gets crispy.

Ready to serve!