Thassos – Untouched Oasis

Located six nautical miles from the coast of mainland Greece, Thassos is the most northerly of the Greek islands in the Aegean island group. Officially known as Limenas Thasou—which translates to “Port of Thasos”, the Thasos islands is a jewel that remains largely untouched by mass tourism.

It takes just 1-hour to fly to Kavala international airport from Athens. From there, visitors can reach the island by ferry from the port of Keramoti—just 15 minutes from the airport to the island capital of Limenas.

24km in length and 20km wide, Thassos is best known for its picturesque villages, historic architecture, traditional cuisine, pristine beaches and breathtakingly blue water set to a mountainous green backdrop. Those adventurous enough to tread the unbeaten path of the Greek islands are rewarded with one of the most enchanting island experiences anywhere in the world.

With a unique landscape that is unlike anything in the Aegean, Thassos is an oasis for holidaymakers seeking respite from the archetypal Greek island experience. On a hill just above the capital resides a number of temples and sanctuaries, and a cave in which you can see an ancient carving of the Greek god ‘Pan’. There is also a 3,000 seat Roman amphitheatre where the locals believe that gladiators once fought—today, it is reserved for concerts and plays in the peak summer months.

Best known for its crystal-clear water, Thassos Island is home to Makriammos, Golden Beach, Alyki, Metalia and Paradise‑ just to name a few. If your interest lies outside of the water and sand, you can delve into the natural wonders of the island along the 100km perimeter road. Cycling, birdwatching and hiking are some of the most popular pastimes away from the beach.