The Journey Begins!

Every journey starts with a single step. In this case, it was a stride aboard Mia Zoi that signalled the beginning of the My Greek Odyssey adventure. After many months of preparation the production team, along with the Maneas family, walked across the passerelle of this beautiful vessel and she sat at anchor in Pireas, Athens. Here we began telling the story of Greece, from its ancient origins and diverse culture, to the flavours, sites and sounds that make it such a unique and globally influential country.

This is not a documentary or a reality television series. My Greek Odyssey follows the travels of a proud Greek-Australia, Peter Maneas, as he tells the story of his Greece, as he sees it and as it unfolds in front of him. It’s an authentic firsthand account of an exploration of the Greek islands, told through spectacular imagery, influential characters and the everyday people that form the rich tapestry of this wonderful nation.