Stoupa – A Slice of Authentic Greece!

Perched on the coast, beneath the rocky outcrops of the Tygetos Mountain Range, Stoupa is somewhat of a seaside haven. Along the waters edge there are low-rise apartment buildings and restaurants, with beaches and bays lined by umbrellas and sun beds. There are plenty of great bars for an afternoon beverage, and cafes to grab your morning coffee.

It’s an idyllic town where tourism is only just starting to really blossom. At the moment you can easily find a hotel or homestay even during the peak summer season, and can just roll into town without any plans or bookings and get by with little fuss. It’s this slower pace of life that has lead to it becoming a new hotspot for travellers.

August is the busiest month, with lots of Europeans making their way here to relax in the sun. Winter is the quiet time, but it’s arguably the best period to visit as there’s peace a serenity to be found and accommodation is much cheaper. That said, it’s not exactly beach weather!

The best thing to do when visiting Stoupa is to book a nice apartment and make it your base to explore the region. Nothing beats having a spacious and homely feeling place to rest and cook the occasional meal between jaunts into the countryside or down the coast. It’s the myriad of activities and nearby landmarks that makes the place so appealing, and having a central spot as your home away from away home makes life easier, plus by spending more time there you’ll get to know a few of the locals who will likely reveal a few of the secret gems only a resident would know about.