The Floral Emblem of Greece

cyclamen_stirlingEvery country has a floral emblem. A flower that represents the virtues of the nation or has historical significance. In Australia it’s the golden wattle, hence the green and gold of their national team uniforms at major sporting events. Greece is so amazing, it has four plants that are considered to be emblematic of the country, the first of which is the cyclamen. It’s a native of southern Greece and is also found in neighbouring countries. Such is the beauty of this blossom that it’s now grown the world over and a popular gift on Mother’s Day.

lorbeerkranz_zypern_remThe second plant is the laurel. You’ll most likely best know this specimen as being worn as a wreath in ancient Greece by people of high status, also as a symbol of victory or prosperity. If you had to choose just one plant as a symbol for Greece, it would probably be this, mainly for the connection it has with many images and ceremonies of ancient times.

The third plant most commonly associated with Greece is the violet. It’s a delicate flower grown around the world. In Greece, it naturally occurs in the mountainous regions and provides a sea of colour in Spring.


The fourth floral emblem of Greece is the Acanthus, also known as bear’s breech. This is a definite favourite of ours, not only for it’s ornamental appearance, but also how it has been used in classic Greek and Roman architecture for many centuries. You frequently see the ornate, curled foliage carved in stonework and atop columns or in artwork.