Now on Vimeo On Demand!

The team from My Greek Odyssey are always receiving emails and messages from across the globe, asking for how people can watch the show in their region. While we’re being broadcast in numerous countries, it’s not always readily available for people when they want their Greece fix. Amazon Prime gave people access to the show in the US, Canada and UK, but unfortunately, due to technical reasons it didn’t reach anywhere else.

So to make My Greek Odyssey viewable for people in the four corners of the world, we did a bunch of research into what’s the best platform. There were a few licencing and technical hurdles to overcome, but we’re now really excited to be able to share with everyone our Vimeo On Demand channels!

The Vimeo On Demand platform allows us to stream the show in the highest quality. You can watch it on your mobile, laptop, TV or other devices via the app and through AppleTV, Roku and various other service providers. It’s really user friendly and provides loads of options for anyone that wants to stream the show. You can catch an episode while sitting on the train, tune in via your iPad while cooking dinner, or sit back with a coffee and see Greece from your living room sofa. So jump online and grab yourself a copy of your favourite episode or entire series. That way you’ll never be short of awesome entertainment!