Food for Thought!

One of the first things people mention when reflecting on their travels is the food they ate. If you visit a city or country and the cuisine is terrible it quite literally leaves a bad taste in your mouth and for many people it makes them question whether they would visit there again. When you think about it, several times a day you sit to partake in a meal and if you find yourself searching constantly to get your lips around something you’ll enjoy then it becomes a burden.
This brings us to Greek food. We might be biased, but in our humble opinions the flavours of Greece are one of the highlights of travelling there. Each part of the country has its own regional fare that’s unique and flavoursome. What’s more it often comes with a story, having been grown, harvested and prepared by a local, using traditional techniques handed down through the generations. Food also brings people together. In Greece it forms the foundation of social gatherings, providing more than just something to curb your hunger. If you’ve ever been to a Greek barbecue you’ll have heard the laughs and chatter coming from the kitchen as those preparing the dishes catch up on the latest gossip. In the dining area everyone sits and talks as they gorge themselves on the tasty offerings. And at the end of the party we all leave with a full plate in hand for lunch the next day!

Through My Greek Odyssey our foodie travels have taken us from the restaurants of Athens with their fine dining to the taverns of Hydra where boisterous laughter fills the air. We’ve spent long nights at street parties where smoke billowed from the barbecue as lamb slowly roasted, and we’ve sat on the beach gyro in hand watching the sunset. The flavours have been diverse and delicious, that said, it hasn’t exactly been good for the waistline. What has been great is that every time we’ve sat down for a meal we’ve enjoyed it. Not just for the tastes or the setting we’re having it in, but for the conversations that always occur between mouthfuls.

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