Mia Zoi: ‘One Life’

The best way to see Greece is, well, by the sea. There’s no more enjoyable and easy a way to explore the myriad of islands dotted about the waters that make up this amazing country. But not everyone has their own yacht! In my case, I’ve spent the best part of my lifetime working hard towards what initially seemed to be a far away dream that I would likely never achieve. However, through a lot of toil, which continues tody, I’ve managed to become one of the lucky few that’s able to travel around the Mediterranean on my own vessel.

Our main mode of transport throughout My Greek Odyssey is Mia Zoi – ‘One Life’. I named her that because it’s a phrase I live my life by. You have but one period of time walking this earth and you should make the most of every second of it. Whether it be giving your all to your passion or hobby, or spending as much time as possible surrounded by the people you love, I’m a big believer in seeking the joy out of every moment you experience. You don’t have to be wealthy to be happy. It’s often quite the contrary. It’s about embracing life, seeking opportunities and making the most of what you have.

Throughout the series you’ll get to know a lot more about me, and you’ll also get to see plenty of the beautiful Mia Zoi. She’s a gorgeous vessel that I recently refurbished to make a bit more comfortable for living in and stable when at sea. Both inside and out, she’s a stunner, and with 4 berths and separate crew quarters, I’m able to take my family and a few friends along for the adventure. Taking care of the boat, as well as me and the guests, is a wonderful crew of people that are like family to me. They come on the journey too, and without them, the experience wouldn’t be the same.