Limnos – An Authentic Greece Experience

Standing alone in the north-eastern Aegean, the island of Limnos is an ideal hideaway for those looking pursuing an authentic Greek Island experience that remains unaffected by Greece’s booming tourism industry.

The white buildings, terracotta roofs, greenland and quiet gardens offer a real village feel that is impossible to replicate on the more populous islands of the south. Even during peak season in mid-April to mid-June, Limnos retains a quiet rural charm that is reminiscent of a Greek island experience from decades gone.

Situated between Turkey and Mount Athos, the mainly rural inland of Limnos gives way to some of the most enchanting and virtually untouched beaches in all of Europe. The main town of Myrina is renowned for its fresh produce and traditional seafood restaurants— on par with some of Kalkan’s finest, but without the main-island price tag.

The Limnos capital of Myrina is mostly frequented by Greek natives seeking a quiet, tourist-free holiday. The thriving fishing community is personified by fisherman ruminating their day at sea while sipping traditional Greek coffee and untangling their nets in preparation for their voyage.

Visitors seeking historical insights into ancient Greece won’t be disappointed. Limnos is home to some of the most significant archaeological sites in all of Greece. One of them is Ancient Poliochni—considered by many to be the oldest city in Europe, it dates back to 4000 B.C. The city was later destroyed in 1,600 B.C by natural causes. Evacuations carried out on the island of Limnos have revealed metallic objects that allude to the islands prehistoric ties to the Early Bronze Age around 3,000 and 2,100 B.C. According to mythological accounts of the area, Lemnos was said to have been inhabited and presided over by Amazon-like female warriors.