Launch Success

The team from My Greek Odyssey would like to thank everyone that attended our launch function earlier this week. It was a fantastic evening that brought together friends, family and media, all of whom have a shared passion for Greece and our unique project. The feedback from the night was fantastic and acts as motivation for us to continue working hard on the show in the years ahead.

This journey began many years ago, as a dream of mine to share to the world my passion for Greece. But I didn’t want it to be your normal travel show. What I aspired to do was create something that not only took viewers to the popular tourist haunts, but also explored many of the little-known places. I wanted to tell the untold stories of real people, from every corner of the country. So far we have only scratched the surface, however in the years to come I will do my best to bring to TV screens and computer monitors, as many of Greece’s magnificent islands as I can manage to set foot on.

Presently we are filming series two, and while we are yet to announce the airing dates for the first series, these details will soon be made available. Our international sales partners, Flame Distribution, are currently in discussion with various networks around the world, so it’s only a matter of time before you can watch My Greek Odyssey from the comfort of your lounge room. In the interim, please follow our Facebook page and regularly visit the site for articles and blogs posts about our travels. Once again, thanks for being part of the journey!

My Greek Odyssey was wonderfully summed up by Mary Coustas, who MC’d the launch:

“To the history buff, to the voracious traveller, to the sun seeker, to the foodie and to the insatiable Greek addicts of which I am one – This show is for you and us.”