Lessons from the Edit Suite!

With series one of My Greek Odyssey nearing completion, the team are already well into the pre-production of series two. It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but with so much great content to get through we had a mammoth task in the edit suite. Throughout the editing process one thing that quickly became apparent was the depth of experiences you can have on the islands, far greater than what most people think a trip to Greece would be like.

For the average traveller, when they look beyond the ancient landmarks of Athens and consider visiting the islands, most think of them as being simply about the beaches or even partying. But when my mind starts to wander and I ponder over my time outside of the mainland, I’m immediately taken back to memories of a more authentic and old world experience. I visualise the sleepy towns and beautiful ports, flanked with stone buildings. I can smell the food cooking in the taverns as it wafts in the sweet sea air. I think of the striking architecture and the historic landmarks that are often freely accessible.

To me, the islands farthest from the capital in parts of the country most people don’t think of touring, are the places where you have the most unique experiences. I’ve met great characters that have turned the most mundane of situations into incredible moments. There have been times where I’ve been gobsmacked by the fascinating history of an ancient ruin that I had never heard of until stepping foot in a tiny village. The surprises we have encountered in our travels are what have made this such a rewarding adventure, and I’m looking forward to many more as we look ahead to the next series of the show!