The Shared Journey

Production of My Greek Odyssey has been underway for several months and in that time the team has visited many remarkable locations and met with countless special people. Throughout this period one thing has become very apparent, and in all honesty it’s no surprise. What we have discovered is that it’s the personal connections we make along the way that have the greatest impact. Yes, the historic landmarks and stunning beaches are memorable and will also be a huge part in the stories we tell throughout the journey, however the most moving element within the series will be the authentic interactions we have with people we cross paths with.

"My Greek Odyssey" TV Travel ShowFrom the academics and archaeologists that share their wealth of knowledge and passion for Greek history, to the fisherman that harvest the sea and artisans that maintain long held traditions, it’s the human element and personal stories that viewers will no doubt be most inspired by. If you think about your own travels, you too will likely discover that it was the intimate dinners, funny guides or quirky characters you’ve shared your adventures with that you frequently talk of when reminiscing about your past holidays. Of course there will be locations you visit that take your breath away, such as the beaches in Zakynthos that you long for when sitting at home on a wet winter day. However these experiences typically don’t shape a deeper opinion or long lasting, holistic impression of a place – at least not for us anyway!

So far we have spent time in a diverse mix of places. Athens came to life with all the colour and energy of Easter celebrations, Hydra taught us more about Greece’s rich maritime history, Spetses charmed with its beautiful scenery and then surprised with the colour and excitement of the regatta. Then there was somewhat of a homecoming in Kythera where the pace slowed down as we took an intimate look at an island that has a deeply personal connection for the team. In between there were other places and people that have amazed us, and in some instances even shocked. That said, the one constant across everything we have experienced is that it’s sharing the journey that makes it so remarkable.