Talk the Talk

We’ve written about this before, but figured now is a timely reminder because with the show airing in Australia we’ve had a few people asking if they need to speak Greek to get the most out of a holiday there.

During the making of My Greek Odyssey, we noticed that the more remote the island, and often the older the people we meet, the less English that’s spoken. For tourists this can make things a little tricky when trying to find your way around, or when wanting to be courteous. In the cities or amongst the youth, you’re never really going to have any issues, because the majority of folks speak at least a small amount of English. But venture into the smaller villages and faraway isles and things are very different. By no means am I suggesting that you can’t have a great time in these places without speaking Greek, however a few simple phrases will not only make life a little easier, but it also shows you’re embracing a bit of the local culture, which is always going to be appreciated.

Below is a list of key phrases that are used on an almost daily basis. Try learning them before your holiday to Greece. The non-Greek crew from My Greek Odyssey also have them on a piece of paper in their back pockets. By the end of most trips they’re almost fluent….well, at least with these few words anyway!

Yassou   YAH-sue

Good morning
Kalimera   kah-lee-MEHR-rah

Good afternoon/evening
Kalispera   kah-lees-PEH-rah

Good night
Kalinikta   kah-lee-NEEK-tah

kherete   KHE-reh-tay

How are you?
Ti kanis?   tee-KAH-nis

Poli kala   po-LEE kah-LAH

Thank you
Efkharisto   eff-kah-rees-TOH

You’re welcome / please
Parakalo   pah-rah-kah-LOH

Signomi   seegh-NO-mee

Ne   neh

Ohi   OH-hee

Do you speak English?
Milas Anglika?   mee-LAHS Ang-lee-KAH?

Where is…?
Pou ine?   POO EE-neh

How much is it?
Poso kani   poh-soh KAH-nee

Aristera   ah-rees-teh-RAH

Dexia   thek-see-AH

Aniktos   ah-neek-TOHS

Klistos   klees-TOHS